Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Fundamentals of Real Estate

Real Estate

When we divide “Real” and “Estate”, Real that means physical and includes physical properties such as land, housing, buildings. The important part of the basics of Real Estate is the place where we purchase and the advantages the location that we purchase.

Understanding its basic price and its ROI, understanding the government policies and other policies in the same area.

What are Real Estate Investments

Open land

Open land is again divided into Agriculture land and non-agriculture land. Non-agriculture land such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed-use.

Marking in the sand on the construction site for the Foundation of the house.


The construction process would be in three different forms Commercial, industrial, and mixed-type usage, which it can organize accordingly.

Real Estate Investment Analysis

Fundamentals of Real Estate Agent

Some of the major investments

Share market

Mutual Funds


Real Estate

Share Market
If you want to invest in the Share market, eighter you have the right knowledge, or you should depend on the right person who has the right knowledge. However, if we want to gain knowledge it requires a lot of time, and it might be difficult in the current situation.
It’s a good time to buy
Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are more or else similar to the share market.


There are certain rules and regulations where we cannot invest an entire amount in gold because investing in gold had certain rules and regulations.

American currency Dollar and Gold ingot combinations. Close up for dollar and gold ingot
Real Estate

Investing on land, investing on land would be limitless, we can invest however we need. Investing on land would be the best option for a better ROI. Real estate would be considered as one of the biggest markets in the world and customer space is very huge.

Most Importantly, we should not search for customers, Customers need to search us.

Consequently, what are important steps that will help customers to reach us:

Having the best property or Real Estate Investment Fund is not enough, we should have proper awareness and knowledge on the particular lands.

We should have proper communication skills that will help the customer to understand the land, and we should be able to communicate inappropriate manner that will help them have a clear idea of the land.

We should have enough courage to explain to them the correct facts about the land. However, whenever, you have the correct knowledge and the proper way of communication will help customers to believe you.

When you reach out to the customers, they will be having certain questions, we should analyze all those questions themselves initially.

How we can say that someone (agents) is eligible, it should be recognized by the government.


Real Estate Regulatory Authority, RARA will provide a certified certificate. This certificated explain we have all authority and are eligible to sell land that is approved by the government, and our complete details will remain with the government.

Customers will check our background, potential, and knowledge, and they will the profiled company that we sell the company should also register RARA, and most importantly it should clear legally when it done is processed in such way it is eligible for the venture.

One should know the age and achievements of certain companies.

Venture Testing

To analyze whether it is legally approved, cross-verify documentation and permission of the company, and need to have venture’s RARA approval.

There are should verify the venture’s linked documents and they have got approval from civil lawyers to sell plots in the venture.

It should be legally clear and we should provide a legal opinion if the customer asks.

Venture Testing
Approval Copy

HMDA layouts approximately 7257 sqr. kms from Hyderabad, which include outside ORR Vijawada highway near to chottauppal, Bhonigir, Yacharam, and kodhikuri (Srishalam). These are considered as the HMDA limits that are 7257 sqr.kms. Within this 7257 it should include HMDA Permission.

If we have HMDA permission then only, we have the right to cell the plots between this 7257 sqr.kms.

There is a new role, HMDA approval lands only will be registered.

If it is not approved, it will follow with LRS (Layout Regularisation Scheme).

YTDA Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority

Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority, they should have the Permission of YTDA, the permission copy should be carried.

YTDA: Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority
Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)

For other cities, it should have DTCP approval, and we should try sell those that are qualified all approvals.

We should upskill ourselves with updates and gaining knowledge, then we able to succeeded in this field, otherwise it would become difficult to succeed.

YTDA, HMDA, DTCP approvals are must and we will get from masaipet in the Hyderabad.

What are key points that need to discussed while we speak to customers in real Esate??

  1. Don’t underestimate real estate, when you took it as a profession, concentrate, fulfil, and put all your efforts towards to reach your ultimate goals.
  2. The locations where someone trying to purchase plot, one should understand its land dimensions, their facilities, price and land value, understand developing amenities in that particular area, and understand all the ground information.
  3.  Customer Relationship: initially towards the end, relationship with customer should be very genuine, interactive, attractive, and honest. However, your relationship will depend on all these factors.
  4. Rules and Regulations: We should able to understand in what areas we are working whether they are Local, Municipal, City, or city, and understanding the rules and regulations present in those particular areas.
  5. Comparison of Value: One should analyse and compare the land’s location, amenities.

Mortgages and types of Mortgages

Mortgage is the process where we will take a loan, and put the security for that particular loan is called as Mortgage

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